The best front load washing machine in India purchase guide can help you in deciding the most widely used washing machine in India. There are many top brands in India that manufacture heavy appliances and have penetrated well into the market.

The top 10 best front load washing machine brands in India that are quite popular are discussed in detail here with their specifications, price and based on your home need. These washing machines should be your frist choice before looking for any other appliances.

Before getting into the factors, let's go back into history and see why washing machines are invented.

The traditional way of washing clothes in India is time-consuming and a painful process. Indian women have suffered a lot when washing clothes. In this modern world where technology is booming, machines are being invented to automate the tasks and make human life easier. 
The top 10 best washing machine guide can help you in finding out the front loading appliance that you are looking for your home.

A washing machine is one such equipment that reduces human effort a lot. We just need to turn on the switch and this machine automatically washes the clothes, removes the dirt without damaging clothes. On top of that, it reduces human effort a lot and keeps the health intact.

Enough of history, now let's move on to the features that need to be considered when purchasing the washing machine. While buying a washing machine, we need to look at the below factors and make a decision about what suits us the most.

Best Washing Machines

Washing Machines are very essentials in our current busy lifestyles. They became a must product in every home. This reduces a lot of human effort and time. In Market we see a lot of different Models coming up with different actions/modes of operations. The mode of operations plays a very crucial role while dealing with different types of clothes.

Washing Machines

Nowadays almost all Washing Machines in the market have some basic modes like Quick 30, Normal, Delicate, Sports Wear, Mix, Cotton, Wool, etc. Basically there are 2 types of Washing Machines. The first one is Top Load and next is Front Load. As the name itself says the door of the drum is at the top of the washing machine for Top Load and the door of the drum is at the front end for a Front load. As both of them wash clothes effectively, each of them has their own Advantage and Disadvantages

Top Load Washing machines are basic washing machines. Front Load Washing Machines are generally a bit expensive when compared to Top Loaders. The most important feature in Front load is the Load of clothes is adjust automatically but in Top door may cause problems if the load is not eventually distributed.

Washing Machine Specifications

All washing machines have Agitators or Impellers. The agitator is a tall spindle place in the center of the Wash drum in Top load, whereas Impeller is a disc-like structure with small cones. Agitators clean the clothes very effectively within less time compared to Impellers. Agitators Turn and twist the clothes, Rub them thoroughly, and removes the complete dirt. While Impellers wash the clothes gently with less water and take a short time to dry. Agitators can tear clothes with its speedy actions but Impellers don't for there gentle motion.

Washing machines make a lot of noise and vibrate a lot. It is very difficult to find a washing machine that doesn't make any noise. Even if you find one, it will be pricey. So better buy a stand and fix it properly. This will absorb some vibration and will not let the washing machine to move around.

Factors and Sepcifications

The top load washing machines are semi-automated. You need to interrupt in the middle and make the operations smooth. Front-load washing machines are fully automated. You just need to put clothes, washing powder, open the water inlet, switch on the machine, and change the settings according to your clothes type and start the machine. That's it, The machine automatically pulls the water, applies the detergent/powder, washes the clothes as pert the settings, and at the end dries the clothes as well. Now comes the manual work. You need to remove the clothes from the washing machine and dry them under the sun for a few hours.

A fully automatic washing machine reduces a lot of work that you have to do. So better buy it. The front-load washing machines are equipped with heaters that dry your clothes.

If I am in your place, I would buy a front-loading machine. You just need to spend extra 10K rupees on this. In fact, in my home, I am using the LG front load washing machine. This has features like tumble wash, 1000 rpm, 6 KG capacity, less vibration, less noise, and 6 motion DD Wash. This giving awesome performance and clean clothes.

So, you got an idea now and you can choose the perfect washing machine for you.

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