Check IRCTC PNR Status

PNR Status Online: Booking a train ticket online and checking their status of confirmation must be a real task to most of the passengers in India. To help out those lakhs of passengers, here we are with the simplest of the procedures through which the ticket booking status can be known in just a few minutes. Follow this space and get to know some of the processes through which you can know if your train ticket booked is confirmed or is in the WL/ RAC.

The Irctc pnr status can be checked online using the 10 digit pnr number provided at the time of booking the ticket. The pnr details will reveal the complete passenger and travel details.

Generally, there will be a facility for booking a train ticket even after all the seats/ berths are filled up. And, all the tickets filled in via this process will be either on the Waiting List (WL) or on Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC). The process is if any passenger cancels his/ her ticket, that ticket will be allotted to those who will be in the WL/ RAC in the order of “First Come First Serve”. The candidates in the Waiting List will be shifted to the Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC) list based on the number of ticket cancellations made and accordingly, their bookings will be confirmed. So, after booking a ticket after all the train tickets have been filled, the process that happens will be Waiting List (WL)- Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC)- Confirmed.

Play Unblocked Games

Playing games gives us entertainment a lot and at the same time, it just wastes time and reduces our concentration on other activities. In the United States, it is found that many students play games during school hours. This has reduced the student's productive hours. That is why the school administration has blocked access to many online games.

The students have found ways to still play the games. One such way is to look for the unblocked games online and play them. The unblocked games are developed in html5 and don't require the installation of any software, unlike the flash games. Also, it is difficult for blocking software to identify these html5 games.

What Are Unblocked Games?

In simple words, unblocked games are the ones that are not yet blocked by the school administration. Once the school administration figures out a way to block them, then you cannot access them. As a student, you have to enjoy playing these as long as they are not blocked. Once they are blocked, then you have to look for another website.

Best Washing Machine in India

The best front load washing machine in India purchase guide can help you in deciding the most widely used washing machine in India. There are many top brands in India that manufacture heavy appliances and have penetrated well into the market.

The top 10 best front load washing machine brands in India that are quite popular are discussed in detail here with their specifications, price and based on your home need. These washing machines should be your frist choice before looking for any other appliances.

Before getting into the factors, let's go back into history and see why washing machines are invented.

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