EMRC Punjabi University Patiala can boast of having the only such institute in Punjab and neighbouring states with scholars and professionals under the services as subject experts for producing enrichment, educational video lecture and e-content programmes.

It is one of the 22 Centres throughout the country with CEC as its nodal agency, which is Inter-University Centre of the UGC.

The Educational Multimedia Research Centre (EMRC) was established as Audio Visual Research Centre (AVRC) in 1989 by the UGC-CEC at Punjabi University, Patiala under the Country-Wide Classroom (CWC) Project, with the following objectives for the pan-Indian and global audience.

  • Production of educational programmes (especially video and audio) and related support material and setting up of appropriate facilities for this.
  • Research related to optimizing the effectiveness of the programmes.
  • Providing a forum for the active involvement of academic and other scholars in the creation of appropriate educational programme.
  • Studying, promoting and experimenting with new techniques/technology that will increase the reach and/or effectiveness of educational communication. 

About Us


The Centre is presently funded by the UGC and MHRD for producing enrichment, educational video lecture and e-content programmes for broadcasting these through educational channel on Doordarshan and Internet streaming commanding a viewership of more than 25 million students.

The Centre is equipped with a large state-of-the-art studio with chroma facility, latest technology broadcasting equipment and high-powered multimedia workstations to produce educational video content, LORs and e-content programmes.

Besides this, the Centre also conducts research related to the creation, dissemination and evaluation of educational content.

The UGC set up Media Centres in various universities and institutions in the country with the objectives to produce in-house quality educational programmes for electronic media. The Centres are engaged in production of Video & Multimedia based programmes. CEC and the Media Centres have more than 500 trained manpower & state of the art equipment.

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