Those who are living in the United States might be looking for ways to download the movie online and watch it. In the US, it is illegal to watch pirated movies and the movie owners can take action also. Whereas in countries like India, the laws are a bit relaxed and quite complex. Here watching and downloading movies online doesn't hurt individuals. However, making a pirated version of a movie is strictly prohibited is against the law.

Recently many new movies have been uploaded on Movierulz and watched by millions of viewers. This itself shows how popular the movierulz online portal is. I have watched almost all the movies on this amazing website without paying a single penny.

So if you want to see a movie like 'The Avengers', you can easily do so by downloading it from MovieRulz. In fact, it has been reported that in one month alone, over 5 million people have downloaded this movie from the MovieRulz website. The website operators are making money out of it and usually gets around $1 to $2 for every 1,000 downloads.

But there is something else they don't tell you about MovieRulz. It is not only an online movie website but also an online piracy website. It is good to be a casual watcher on this website. Every day there are users uploading and sharing movies on this online portal.

However, the movierulz users post notices on to the movie pages, encouraging people not to pirate the latest releases and not to watch them also. However, they only pirate the movies and upload on to different servers. They also provide a download link to the movie so that it can be downloaded without having to go on the website.

MovieRulz Download Movies

However, while most users respect this, some do not. And it is these users that can give you grief if you are not careful. There are three types of people on this forum.


Types of Movie Watchers

Movie Freaks: Users who are die-hard fans and use the website mainly to download and watch movies. These people are addicted to films and watch them daily.

Casual Watchers; There is a dedicated section for them. This is the group where large users fall into. They use this portal to find out about the latest films that are going to release or released in theatres and are interested only in downloading them so that they can watch at home on their tablet or phone.

Movierulz team: There is a small group of people on the website who use their coding skills to edit the download links to point directly to their servers so that they can earn money out of the movie downloads. They also pirate and upload the movies.

How to Download Movie Legally

If you want to download a movie legally, you need to pay attention to the license of the film that is being uploaded on the movie. For example, if the license is public and can be distributed, then you can be sure that it is a legal download. However, on the Movierulz website, most of the links point to a movie that has not been released yet or released recently.

It is better to go and watch a movie online on youtube or even on movierulz, but don't download any latest movie as it is not legal. Even if you have a subscription to Netflix or amazon prime, you can only watch and you are not allowed to download or record the film.

So, the moral of the story is, if you are looking to download a movie legally, then resist yourself and don't download it at all.

Legality in downloading Movie

The U.S. government is proposing a solution that can solve both problems. The U.S. government has proposed that all the movie download links should be taken down since these are all illegal downloads.

Users will be able to find out whether a link is safe, by simply clicking on it. If the movie is downloaded from the U.S. government's servers, a window will appear stating the movie was downloaded from the U.S. government's servers. A link to the movie will also be provided so that it can be watched at any time.

If a user is found to have downloaded a movie that is not from the U.S. government's servers, the user will be subject to a temporary ban. If the user commits such an action twice, their account will be disabled.

If the user commits such an action thrice, their identity will be revealed to the public and they will be subject to a criminal investigation. If the user commits such an action four times, they will be subject to a criminal investigation and their identity will be revealed to the public. If the user commits such action five times, they will stop getting movies and any money spent on them will be wasted. After all, who wants to watch a movie that has been watched over and over again?

How to implement the Legal downloading of movies

If the solution is passed, then many more movies will become available to users. However, the increase in downloads might result in a significant drop in the quality of the movies available for users.

If the solution is voted down, then the quality of the movies available for users will not be affected and the original quality of the movies will not change. However, many people will be angry at the U.S. government for attempting to control what they can or cannot watch.

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